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Attention Men and Women Over 30!
"Ready To Put An End To Back Pain Problems?"
This is a message for every man/woman over 30 who needs to eliminate their back pain but 
Can't Find A Method That Gives Lasting Results.
Hi, I’m Mike Uhrlaub and I am physical therapist and back pain specialist who has helped hundreds of people fix their back pain issues all naturally without drugs, injections or surgery.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about back pain!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

Let’s be honest, traditional back pain treatments are very costly with minimal results AND they don't fix the root cause of the pain. Medication, injections, back braces, massage, chiropractic care, heating pads, cold packs, ointments, electrical stimulation, surgery, the list goes on and on.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because if you don't have a program that fixes the root cause of your back pain, you will continue to suffer the vicious pain cycle!

Which means you will continue to be dependent on temporary treatments that will end up costing you thousands of dollars and never really fix your problem..

And, worst of all, most men and women over 30 can't get past the idea that fixing their back pain takes a long time, is hard and complicated.
But Luckily for You There's Now A Solution to Your Problem!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
There I was, a physical therapist trying to provide medical coverage for a local high school football team. I had to be on my feet for long hours while covering the games.

The thing is, at the time I was struggling with back pain when standing for long periods of time. I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did. And the traditional back pain treatments weren't working for me. I tried massage therapy which made me feel ok for a while, but then the pain would return. And the exercises that I was using just seemed to make the pain worse!

The big problem was I was having trouble sleeping at night due to the pain and would wake up tired and exhausted. Then one night while covering a football game, my back started to really knot up and my right thigh went numb. Not only that, but my right leg started to get weak. It was only a few minutes into the second quarter of the game and I couldn't stay on my feet for more than a few minutes without sitting down or kneeling down to one knee. This scared me! I was worried that I would not be able to continue working as a physical therapist and that my job would be in jeopardy!
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I attended an amazing wellness conference. I was blown away by what I learned. That's when I uncovered the power of multifunctional movements, pressure point release and functional nutrition! This conference was all about using the body’s own ability to heal from within, using proper movement sequencing, shutting off the body’s own “pain switch” and making changes in your diet to help accelerate the healing! I also learned how pain, inflammation, diet, mindset, and your body’s nervous system are all interconnected in the healing process!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me on what I needed to do!

I had to make key changes in what I was eating to alkalize my diet and reduce the pain and inflammation. I had to use the proper movements that would turn on the right muscles and turn off the ones that were working too hard. This would normalize the activity in the hip flexors while increasing the gluteal muscle activity. It wasn’t just about stretching and strengthening like I had previously been taught. It was all about what I was eating, what imbalances I had in my body and how to use the right movements to normalize the nervous system while re-balancing the muscle activity in my body.
My plan was to start changing my diet, alter my exercise program to use the proper healing movements, begin the special releasing techniques to my hip flexors, and use meditation to rebalance my nervous system.

So, I started eating the right foods that would help alkalize my body to accelerate the healing while cutting out any foods that caused inflammation. But I didn’t stop there.

I then put myself on an exercise program that shut off the hyperactive muscles and activated the weak ones.

After that, I started to meditate on a regular basis along with yoga.

Bottom Line: Once I started using this approach my back pain got better at a rapid rate! I was finally able to sleep through the night! The pain in my back and right leg went away! And I was able to do this without the need for harmful medications, injections or surgery!

Building on that success, I decided to create a program using these key principles from this new approach to eliminate back pain all naturally without harmful medication, injections or surgery.

I call it the "Back Pain Breakthrough Session".... 

The Back Pain Breakthrough Session

After seeing how many clients were benefiting from this new approach, I created the The Back Pain Breakthrough Session, which uses the key components of this new treatment to eliminate back pain, in an all natural way. 

The Back Pain Breakthrough Session helps my clients get on the right track to eliminate their back pain, reach a higher level of health, and transform their lives. 

I no longer waste time on treatments that didn't work, because I now have a program that helps people completely heal! 

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So, here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a man or woman over 30 who really needs to eliminate their back pain but can't find a method that gives lasting results, here's the solution you've been looking for...  

"The Back Pain Breakthrough Session"
"The Back Pain Breakthrough Session" Helps You:
• Determine the exact source of your issue and know if it is treatable and reversible…
• Bend, lift and twist again without back pain...
• Stand and walk without back pain ...
• Sleep through the night again...
• Eliminate the need for expensive never ending back pain treatments that don't work.…

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "The Back Pain Breakthrough Session" in less than 30 minutes and it costs less than a fancy dinner out on the town.

 So again, if you're a man or woman over 30 who wants true and lasting back pain relief all naturally without medications, injections or surgery, understand this:

  •  Fixing your back pain issue will mean you'll have less time missed from work and you can now be more productive and effective so you can get that big promotion or raise....
  • You will save money by not needing your expensive pain medication, injections or surgery....
  • You'll be able to sleep through the night and be able to be present and focused with your family enhancing your relationship with them....
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With The Back Pain Breakthrough Session
The Back Pain Insiders Secrets Exam ($150 Value)
This exam with a licensed Physical Therapist is your key to determine the exact source of your issue and tell you whether it is treatable and reversible. It will help you to fix your back pain quickly so you can play with your kids or grandkids again.
The Secret Method to Unlock Your Hips ($65 Value)
This proven hands on technique is the shortcut to shut down the overactive hip flexor muscle group which will enable you to achieve immediate back pain relief. This will improve your ability to stand, walk and even go dancing with your significant other and rekindle the passion in your relationship again.
"Classified" Gluteal Muscle Activation Method ($75 Value)
This proven muscle activation technique holds the secret for you to activate your weak gluteal muscles through balancing your nervous system so you're able to lift without pain. You will now be saving money by finishing all those "honey do" projects yourself!
Step by Step Quick and Easy Movements that Heal ($75 Value)
This one on one guidance by a licensed Physical Therapist gives you the keys to using correct movements, so you are able to effectively reduce pain, inflammation and irritation. This will allow you to be able to get ready faster in the morning, without frustration and pain, and you can use that extra time to enjoy a morning coffee with your spouse!
Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...
Bonus #1 - The Anti-Inflammatory Foods Survival Guide ($35 Value)

This printed eBook gives you the guidance to know which foods you can add to your diet to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation in your back all naturally. Less inflammation will give you the benefit of sleeping through the night and waking up more energized so you can be present with your family and friends, which leads to a more rewarding relationship with them.  
Bonus #2 - Avoid Back Pain Mistakes Blueprint ($35 Value)

This printed eBook makes it a snap to avoid the costly and common mistakes that are keeping your back from getting better. This helps you know exactly what to do and what not to do for maximum healing of your back so you can return to the gym to start losing that extra weight and become the envy of your family and friends.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It. 

"After the Breakthrough Exam, I already felt so much better. I couldn’t even believe that I would feel any better than that! After coming for my sessions, I can now do my yardwork and play with my granddaughter like I want to!”
- KS (62 y/o low back arthritis)
"Went in for lower back pain. Day after visit felt instant relief. Each visit along with home stretching and exercises provided more relief. Was feeling pretty good after first two weeks. Awesome people and so friendly. I have been to many places for my back problems. Nobody has ever done what they have and so quickly. They really know what they are doing. Wish I would have known about them sooner..”
- PH (49 y/o back pain)
"Yes! I am no longer in constant pain and I am able to move normally again! Choosing Flex was the best decision that I could have made!.”
- WB (40/y/o back and ankle pain)
Put an End to Your Back Pain! 
Schedule Your Session Today!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "The Back Pain Breakthrough Session" doesn't help you determine the exact source of your issue and whether it is treatable and reversible ... if it doesn't help you bend, lift and twist again without back pain... or if it fails to help you stand and walk without back pain ... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with The Back Pain Breakthrough Session results!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • The Back Pain Insiders Secret Exam ($150 Value)
  • The Secret Method to Unlock Your Hips ($65 Value)
  • "Classified" Gluteal Muscle Activation Method ($75 Value)
  • Step by Step: Quick and Easy Movements that Heal ($75 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus #1 The Anti-Inflammatory Foods Survival Guide ($35 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus #2 Avoid Back Pain Mistakes Blueprint ($35 Value)
Total Value: $435
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $49
Here's to your success with The Back Pain Breakthrough Session! - Mike Uhrlaub 
PS - If you're sick and tired of traditional back pain treatments that are expensive with minimal results that don't fix the root cause of the pain, then The Back Pain Breakthrough Session is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
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